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These presentations are performed by Chuck Thornton or a special guest speaker. Click the title to watch the video. For 2013 and earlier presentations you can only download the handouts.

The opinions expressed in the presentations are those of the speaker and do not necessarily reflect those of R.C. Thornton Accounting Group. Tax advice (if any) within this communication is not intended or written to be used and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties.

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Get ready for the IRS to classify contract workers as employees (and what that means to you!)

By: Chuck Thornton (May 6, 2023)

The IRS is busy hiring, and one does not have to guess much about the future of certain tax issues.

Employee vs Independent Contractor is and always has been a big issue, as there is money to be made by the IRS.

This video, (https://youtu.be/YhAkPsFhOU0) prepared by Chuck Thornton on location in Maui, discusses what is up, why you might be concerned and what to do, if this impacts your business.

As an addendum to some numbers cited in the video.

1. The IRS believes 80% of independent contractors are really employees.

2. The IRS opines that the percentage of actual income tax returns filed by workers are:
a. 99% of Employees who receive W-2
b. 79% of Independent Contractors receiving 1099
c. 27% of Independent Contractors not receiving 1099

You can see why the IRS wants to reclassify 1099 independent contract workers as W2 employees!! Please contact our office if you have any questions or what to discuss this further.


Saving Taxes is a Good Feeling! Getting ready for year-end tax planning.

By: Chuck Thornton (September 21, 2022) Everyone wants to save taxes, but some fail to plan to save taxes. Please take the three minutes to listen to the video about year end tax planning. By doing so, you will be well on your way to planning to save taxes for this year!

Are You Getting All The Credit You Deserve (ERC)

By: Chuck Thornton (September 7, 2022) No, I don't mean the "credit" that makes you feel good. I mean the credit that puts money in your pocket! (Well, admittedly would make you feel good). Back in February 2021 we did a webinar on Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Many clients responded, and they have received many dollars in refunds. We can't guarantee that everyone who talks with us qualifies for the credit, but many do. It is worth the 5 minutes. If this "piques" some interest, just give us a call and we can walk you through how it works and if it works for you. All ready got your ERC, then pass this along to a friend in business as many business owners still don't know about this credit. 

Thank You Arizona for the Federal Deduction

By: Chuck Thornton (August 25, 2022) Arizona created a PTE approach to paying state taxes to get a full federal deduction. For some taxpayers with pass through entities, this will be a big tax savings. If you are scheduled to make a 3rd quarter individual estimated tax payment to Arizona and if you hold an interest in a pass-through entity that you expect will have taxable income for 2022, please contact us by September 6 if you would like us to advise you regarding your 3rd quarter estimate.


Build Back Better Tax Act Estate & Trusts (Not Passed as of 2021)

By: Chuck Thornton (September 23, 2021) Proposal by Ways and Means Committee as of September 21, 2021. For this proposed law change, if you initially have an estate of about $5 Million or married and have about $10 Million this can impact you. And even if you don’t have an estate that large, but aspire to, this might still be for you. Call us if you have questions.

Dentists, Are you getting all of the (tax) credit you deserve? Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC)

By: Chuck Thornton (March 10, 2021) Many dental practices will qualify for the employee retention credit (ERC). Want to know if your dental practice qualifies? Call us to find out.

Are you getting all of the (tax) credit you deserve? Employee Retention Tax Credit (ERC)  

By: Chuck Thornton (February 22, 2021) Many businesses will qualify for the employee retention credit (ERC). In fact you may qualify for a payroll tax refund for 2019 as well as tax savings for 2020. This credit is a "sleeper" with little "press". Previously businesses could not take this if they had a PPP loan. But on December 28, 2020, they changed that retroactively. That means refunds and even more savings in 2021. This is a "must listen". In fact, after you listen to this, send it to a friend. Call us if you have questions.


2-Minute Update: What Pending PPP Legislation Might Mean to You  

By: Chuck Thornton (December 10, 2020) This two minute update is information on the Bipartisan Emergency Covid Relief Act of 2020. As of this date it has not passed, but might yet have implication for PPP loans. Call us if you have questions.

IRS Doubling Down on Taxation of PPP Loan and What You Can Do! 

By: Chuck Thornton (December 7, 2020) If you thought the PPP loan forgiveness is a tax free event, ponder again. The IRS has come out with several rulings that say the forgiveness of PPP loan is a taxable event in 2020! (Yes you read that right). Are they right or are they wrong? Chuck has a special offer for all webinar attendees who watch this video. Call us if you have questions.

New Rules and Strategies – New PPP Reform Bill As Amended by Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (H.R. 7010) 

By: Chuck Thornton (June 18, 2020) This webinar is an update to the prior webinars based on the recent revision. Please make sure you watch the prior webinar PPP Loan- Payback and/or Forgiveness, Getting Ready for the Forgiveness Application presented on May 28, 2020. Call us if you have questions.

PPP Loan- Payback and/or Forgiveness, Getting Ready for the Forgiveness Application 

Note: More recent Treasury Regulations provide for alternative time frames and more liberal application. We suggest you still view this webinar, and then view our short supplement. Titled New Rules and Strategies – New PPP Reform Bill As Amended by Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act (H.R. 7010). By: Chuck Thornton (May 28, 2020) Revised Under Interim Treasury Rule Dated May 22, 2020. Did you get a PPP Loan? Need to learn about loan forgiveness and the latest updates on how to compute the tentative forgiveness amount? Call us if you have any questions.

You Got Your PPP Loan So Now What? 

By: Chuck Thornton (May 1, 2020) Did you get a PPP Loan? Need to learn about loan forgiveness and how to compute the tentative forgiveness amount? Watch this webinar for Chuck's suggestions on what to do next! Call us if you have any questions.

Finding Cash For Your Business 

By: Chuck Thornton (March 27, 2020) Since the Coronavirus pandemic many businesses have basically been out of operation for almost two weeks. You may have reduced staff, but the cash flow is probably drying up. How do you keep your employees intact, pay your overhead, while keeping your footprint in the business community with your customers. Please listen to this webinar and call if you have any questions.

Finding Cash For Your Dental Practice 

By: Chuck Thornton (March 27, 2020) Since the Coronavirus pandemic dentists have basically been out of operation for almost two weeks. Watch this webinar specifically for Dental Practices.

Paid Sick Time/FMLA for Coronavirus Absence 

By: Don Johnsen (March 26, 2020) The “Families First Coronavirus Response Act,” signed into law on March 18th 2020, applies to all employers with fewer than 500 employees. The Act takes effect “not later than 15 days” after signing. In the absence of other action, therefore, the Act will take effect on April 2, 2020. Find out what kind of tax credits may apply to your business. Watch this informative webinar presented by Don Johnsen of Gallagher & Kennedy. Sponsored by R.C. Thornton & Associates, LLC CPAs.

Certain 2019 Tax Payments Can Be Deferred Until July 15th 

By: Chuck Thornton (March 19, 2020) IRS notice 2020-17 states certain 2019 tax payments can be deferred until July 15. Notably, taxpayers will still be required to file but payments may be deferred. We encourage our clients to watch this informative webinar regarding this update.


Could Solar Make Financial Sense?

By: William Becker (October 24, 2019) Is utilizing your property to generate solar power a smart business decision? Will you see monthly savings on your utility bill, or be able to take advantage of tax incentives? As a former practicing "Big 4" CPA, William Becker spent over twenty years helping businesses to identify and secure over $4 Billion of tax credits, grants and other tax reductions for his clients. Mr. Becker decided he could make the biggest impact by leaving the consulting arena and co-founding Scout Solar.


How a Retirement Plan Fiduciary Avoids Litigation 

By: Sue Perry (November 7, 2018) Sue Perry is President of her firm Edberg & Perry and has worked in the retirement plan sector for over 25 years. We asked Sue to discuss the type of issues she sees most often, and give her recommendations on how a retirement plan fiduciary avoids litigation.

Marketing During a Great Economy

By: Wade Messer (June 12, 2018) Wade Messer, owner of Messer & Company, Inc. has been helping business owners achieve their goals for over 30 years. In this informative webinar, Wade will discuss why we need marketing in today’s great economy, what are the opportunities or changes and how to get results.

Dental Business Owners Focus on Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

By: Chuck Thornton (May 30, 2018) Sponsored By: First Citizens Bank Dental Business Owners, Do you know enough about the new tax law? You might be surprised what is in this law and how it applies to you in 2018 and beyond. There are last minute moves you can make before you file your return for 2017. Once you file, you lose out on these smart tax ideas.

STOp Paying Arizona State Taxes and Get the credit you deserve by contributing to Arizona Tuition Connection

By: Chuck Thornton (May 25, 2018) Sponsored By: Arizona Tuition Connection Helping parents send their kids to the school they always dreamed of by utilizing the Arizona Private tax credit program. This presentation will show you a unique opportunity to help charity and save even more in taxes with an STO donation.

Armored Accounting: Learn the Safeguards Against Embezzlers 

By: Susannah Sabnekar (May 22, 2018) As the business owner you can institute and maintain internal controls that are effective and efficient in substantially reducing opportunity to embezzlers. Watch this presentation to learn how you can maintain the tone at the top and demonstrate that your commitment to sound internal controls is of high importance. Presented by Susannah Sabnekar, owner of Sabnekar Company.

STOp Paying Arizona State Taxes! Get the credit you deserve by contributing to a STO (before it is too late) 

By: Chuck Thornton (May 11, 2018) Watch this webinar to explore the benefits of STO donations.

Tax Cuts and Jobs Act for the Self Employed Attorney

By: Chuck Thornton (May 9, 2018) This webinar is sponsored by the College of Estate Planning Attorneys. Self Employed Attorney's learn how to max out the tax benefits of the new law! Want to save taxes? We can help! Register to watch this informative webinar and see how.

Safeguard Your Wealth Protecting Your Hard-Earned Assets

By: Philip R. Rupprecht (May 3, 2018) Consider the wealth you have attained over the years - equity in your home or business, your retirement savings, your investment accounts, or other savings. What would happen if you faced a lawsuit or civil judgment, or maybe you were forced to declare bankruptcy? Have you consulted an attorney to discuss the legal options available to protect your hard-earned assets? Watch this webinar to explore some ways to safeguard your wealth.

Architect Businesses Have Edge in the Tax Cut and Jobs Act

By: Chuck Thornton (March 15, 2018) Architect Business Owners, you are members of one of the select groups in the new tax law! Learn about the new overall tax scheme, especially the 20% deduction that you can get More...– just because!

Donor Advised Funds - Tax Strategies Webinar for Charitable Giving

By: Rick Durfee (February 28, 2018) Charitable contributions are one of the few individual tax deductions that survived the new tax law. Now donors need to be more creative in their gifting strategies to get the optimum deduction. Donor Advised Funds maybe the tool for you to consider.

How Service Businesses Are Impacted by Tax Changes - Tax Reform Series 4 of 4

By: Chuck Thornton (January 25, 2018) How are professional practices handled under the new 199A? What is the definition of a service business? Consider restructuring, and the limitation rules. For all businesses, what do wages and property basis have to do with deductions? REIT income, is there something new? Watch out for interest limitations. We'll also discuss the net investment income tax and some planning ideas.

Click Here for handouts.

Commercial Real Estate Tax Changes - Tax Reform Series 3 of 4

By: Chuck Thornton (January 23, 2018) There is a HUGH opportunity for people who own real estate used for business. You'll discover that the 20% deduction applies to you. Watch out for new interest limitation rules. Learn how basis, passive and at risk rules now have excess deductions to contend with. Cost segregation is affected by this, some good and perhaps not so good-depends on how and when you use the studies. Anyone considering tax free exchanges? Got real estate in business? Then you need to hear this!

Click Here for handouts.

General Business Tax Changes - Tax Reform Series 2 of 4

By: Chuck Thornton (January 18, 2018) If you are a business owner, this seminar is for you. If you are a C corporation, your tax rate might be lower. Are you a Sub S or Partnership, you'll be happy to know there is a 20% deduction, or is there after you go through the hoops? What happens to depreciation? Any changes on how to report income? There are many topics you must know about and start implementing soon.

Click Here for handouts.

Individual Tax Changes - Tax Reform Series 1 of 4

By: Chuck Thornton (January 16, 2018) You've been hearing about this for some time. Some say you will save taxes, while others say to the contrary. Will there be a postcard size return? Learn about where the exemptions went, the new standard deductions, and what is left to itemize or not. We will not be discussing any business taxes, as that comes up in our future seminars.

Click Here for handouts.


Arizona Paid Sick Day Requirements - Employers Must Implement

By: Don Johnsen (June 29, 2017) Are you ready for Prop 206 taking effect in Arizona on July 1st? The mandatory paid sick time law applies to nearly every employer and all employees, including temporary employees. There is no "small business" exemption. Don Johnsen, our speaker, is an attorney and shareholder at Gallagher & Kennedy. His presentation will review all the requirements of the new law so you can be fully prepared. Chuck Thornton, CPA, of RC Thornton & Associates, is the host and moderator.

Gotta Building and Business - Get Cost Segregation Tax Savings

By: Chuck Thornton (June 1, 2017) Sponsored by: Colleen Manley of Goodson Manley Law & Legacies PLLC, Is a cost segregation study worth it? Is now the best time to have one done? What size properties are best served by these studies? These powerful studies need an expert to ensure you get optimal results. Not all situations warrant a cost segregation study, but when justified, these studies typically save hundred of thousands of dollars in year one alone.

Tax Savings - What You Should Know as a Scouting Volunteer

By: Chuck Thornton (April 11, 2017) Sponsored by: The Camelback District and Sam Kelsall, the current Vice Chairman Finance with the Grand Canyon Council for Boy Scouts of America. This web event covers what is deductible for your scouting activities. Have you attended high adventures for scouting as an adult advisor? Have you spent money out of pocket? You might be surprised what you can deduct. Learn all of this in the 30 minute presentation.

Cost Segregation—A Tax Deduction to Write Home About!

By: Chuck Thornton (January 18, 2017) Sponsored by: Advanced Auto Service & Tire Centers, this web event covers cost segregation inside and out with the help of Chuck Thornton. Over the years Chuck has applied cost segregation studies to many businesses to save them hundreds of thousands of dollars. He has analyzed this tax strategy in depth, and has found it to be a useful tax saving tool when you own a building which you use in your business.

Click Here for handouts.

How to Create a Real Estate Money Machine

By: Michael Douville (March 29, 2016) We are extremely fortunate to have author and syndicated columnist for the Wall Street Greek, Mr. Michael Douville as our guest speaker. He will discuss the outlook of the Phoenix real estate market and how you may capitalize on it. 

Click here for handouts.


So You Think Your Independent Contractors are Not Employees?

by Chuck Thornton (September 7, 2015) Do you have independent contractors?  Is simply filing a 1099 enough to avoid withholding and remittance requirements for payroll taxes? Think again--The forces are against you! The IRS, DOL, and even ex-workers now want more and more people to be employees. To find out more information on how the IRS views these issues, please click the above link to listen to and view a YouTube video of the webinar.


American Taxpayer Relief Act of 2012:  What it means for YOU! (Individual Part I) 

By Chuck Thornton (March 15, 2013) You’ve heard about this, but now let’s look at this up close. Learn what this means to you and what solutions to consider. We’ll include some information on taxes from the Health Care Act too! This is part I—Individuals. Part II, presented in the future will be for businesses.


Seller Beware: Avoiding the Pitfalls of Foreclosures and Short-Sales 

By Melissa Petro (October 31, 2012) A focus on the statutory and case law protections afforded to property owners specifically concerning a lender’s ability to file a lawsuit when the property is “upside-down.”

An Introduction to Crowdfunding 

By Mark Svejda (July 11, 2012) How to raise up to $1 million each year for your new or existing business.

Plan For The Sale of Your Business Now 

By David LaFountain (June 20, 2012) Will you be ready? What to do now to maximize your business value. Why begin now?

An Alternative Business Strategy for Clients 

By Wade Messer (April 18, 2012) Business owners and trusted advisors are charged with protecting and increasing the net worth of their companies and clients. Have you considered including franchises as a business strategy?

Pitfalls of Using “Independent Contractors” 

By Don Johnsen (March 13, 2012) Using 1099 contractors instead of W-2 employees may carry a significant risk. Find out what the courts and regulatory agencies are looking for. You may reach Don Johnsen at Gallagher & Kennedy (602) 530-8437.

SBA Jobs Act – 504 Loan Program Debt Refinancing (revised) 

By Rick Berkheminer (February 22, 2012) An update on help for small business with mortgages coming due before December 31, 2012. 

How to Use Public Relations for Good 

By Jenny Brooks (January 18, 2012) Your business guide to public relation and the benefits of a solid public relations plan.

Electronic Filing Policy for 2011 Tax Return Year 

By Chuck Thornton & Greg Dutton (January 11, 2012) The IRS is putting pressure on everyone to electronic file. But you don’t have to. Should you or shouldn’t you? 


Electronic Filing Policy for 2011 Tax Return Year 

By Chuck Thornton & Greg Dutton (November 22, 2011, December 13, 2011 & January 11, 2012) The IRS is putting pressure on everyone to electronic file. But you don’t have to. Should you or shouldn’t you?

Cost Segregation 

By Trent Erickson (November 16, 2011) The key to unlocking hidden cash in commercial real estate.

Grow Your Business & Professional Network with Social Media 

By Dean Isaacs (October 12, 2011) We will be discussing how to get started using social media as part of your marketing effort and will provide some simple approaches you can use to get maximum results.

The Enforcement of Restrictive Covenants Against Former Employees 

By Don Johnsen (September 14, 2011) Many businesses are properly concerned about preventing former employees from soliciting their customers on behalf of the competition. This session will discuss the enforceability of restrictive covenants, including non-competition and non-solicitation clauses. The session also will discuss best practices for the drafting of such contracts.

Getting the Most From Social Security 

By Rob Brainard (August 24, 2011) How do you get the most from Social Security? By following three simple steps….Know your benefit…Understand your options….Determine a plan to maximize your benefit.

Why Estate Planning May Not Be Legacy Planning 

By Colleen Manley (July 27, 2011) A family’s estate plan is not just a trust and a will, but, is a holistic, integrated, sustainable multigenerational legacy plan.   The estate plan has and should have many dimensions such as addressing human capital, asset protection and preventative law strategies.

The Importance of Proper Documentation in Employment Claims 

By Don Johnsen (June 15, 2011) This session will discuss the critical nature of documentation in the litigation and trial of employment-related legal claims such as harassment, discrimination, and wrongful discharge as well as the best practices for the creation and retention of critical documentation. Click here for handouts

Are You Ready for the Recovery? 

By Wade Messer (May 11, 2011) The recession is not over, but you’re still standing! Now is the time to capture a greater share of your market through new thinking, ideas and methods for reinventing your company. You may also reach Wade at Messer and Company 858-674-6604

The Small Business Administration 504 Loan Program Debt Refinancing 

By Rick Berkheimer (April 13, 2011) Help for small business with mortgages coming due before December 31, 2012.

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