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Your financial needs are unique. Why should you settle for cookie-cutter financial services? Look to R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, LLC: a premier Phoenix, Arizona accounting firm.

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Continuing Education

At R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, we understand that ultimately, the best career path for you is the one YOU choose.

For example, do you look for ways to jump-start your career path, or do you prefer to move at a more flexible pace? At R.C. Thornton Accounting Group we offer the best environment for learning.

On top of the industry-required recurring continuing education, we offer a number of additional learning programs. You decide the path you want to take and then chart your own course, taking advantage of our interest in broadening your horizons and enhancing your skills.

Quantum Leap

Who says you have to follow a specific progression through an accounting firm? At R.C. Thornton Accounting Group you can morph time and skip stages. It’s up to you. If you have an area you want to grow in or learn more about, we’ll customize a your program to work with you to help you achieve that goal. Whether you’re looking to obtain specific designations or a specialized degree, we’re here to support you and help you achieve it sooner rather than later.

Thornton University

When you join R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, you’ll begin an orientation program that encompasses approximately 160-200 hours of in-house training. Along with appropriate training materials you will be assigned a mentor, who will work with you to keep you on track. It is a valuable and intensive training program. With us, your education level is often two years ahead of the standard curve. It’s a win-win situation: you win because you enhance your skills and knowledge; the firm wins because those enhanced skills and knowledge benefit our clients.

Mentor Feedback

Together you and your mentor will develop and agree upon performance goals and priorities according to your specific job description. You’ll then identify and discuss key strengths and areas for improvement. To measure your progress and achievements, you will receive semi-annual performance reviews along with action plans to keep you on track with the goals you establish together. As a result, you receive recognition for your achievements on a regular basis and support for your areas of growth.

Leadership Development

We offer a leadership and personal development program to a select group of team members. It is designed to help facilitate personal growth and sharpen communication and management skills. The program is tailored to meet individual needs. Whether you’re interested in strategic tax planning or improving your interpersonal and communication skills, we will support you.

At R. C. Thornton Accounting Group, we never place boundaries on how far you can go. Ultimately, as an individual, you are the only one who can place limits on your success.

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At R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, we’re serious about providing a great product for our clients…and we’re serious about working with wonderful and dedicated employees.

Spend some time looking learning about our values and our methods. If you think you’d be a good match or have questions, please contact us.