R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, LLC- making accounting work for you.

Your financial needs are unique. Why should you settle for cookie-cutter financial services? Look to R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, LLC: a premier Phoenix, Arizona accounting firm.

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    Accepting responsibility to get results.

    Our actions and results reflect our commitment to outstanding professional and personal quality. Our efforts demonstrate our desire to have enthusiastic client relationships.

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    Teamwork delivers better results.

    Leadership guides the members by obtaining the willing cooperation of the members. Teamwork comes from joint efforts while maintaining each member’s feeling of self-worth.

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    Changes are opportunities.

    There is a clear understanding of our direction even in a changing environment. We continually search for better ways to meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

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    Everyone should be a winner.

    Clients should receive value from the services we provide. The firm and members should receive compensation for their capital, risk, and efforts. The association between the clients, members, and the firm should be enjoyable.

Chuck Thorton

Dear friends,

Just as Arizona’s beautiful landscape is more than a desert, R.C. Thornton Accounting Group is more than a CPA firm.

What’s made us successful and our clients happy for the last thirty years we’ve been in business is our ceaseless focus on rewarding our clients’ entrepreneurial spirit through accounting and planning that helps their businesses grow.

One key factor separates us from the rest:

We don’t just complete tax returns; we provide solutions. We advise you on how to navigate the financial direction of your company and your life, leaving no stone unturned.

Even our website exudes the R.C. Thornton Accounting Group difference by showing our commitment to technique, education, and effective communication.  If you’ve had an “aha!” moment from just reading our website, imagine what we’ll be able to do for you as a client!

Wishing you and your business the best,

Chuck Thornton, CPA

More than just a CPA…

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Small-Firm Charm; Large-firm Clients.

At R.C. Thornton Accounting Group, we’re serious about providing a great product for our clients…and we’re serious about working with wonderful and dedicated employees.

Spend some time looking learning about our values and our methods. If you think you’d be a good match or have questions, please contact us.